Are Radar Detectors Legal in New Brunswick?

I you’re moving to New Brunswick and want to use your radar detector – radar detectors are illegal in New Brunswick.

In New Brunswick it’s both illegal to use and be in possession of a radar detector.

A radar detector is a device that measures the speed of oncoming traffic and warns drivers of any police presence. They are illegal in many parts of Canada including Quebec, Saskatchewan and Nunavut. Radar detectors are legal in most other provinces such as Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia with exceptions for vehicles registered for commercial use.

Radar detectors may be either hand-held units which plug into a cigarette lighter or dashboard mounted models that connect to the vehicle’s electrical system through a wire harness or suction cups attached to the windshield glass.

Why Use a Radar Detector?

The risk of being pulled over by the police, cited below, is amplified in the event that one is driving with a radar detector.

Radar detectors do not directly enable drivers to evade enforcement and should not be considered an alternative to obeying traffic laws and operating a vehicle safely and lawfully. A radar detector cannot detect laws other than speed laws, such as the red-light camera or speed limit signs.

Rather, radar detectors enable drivers to protect themselves from false readings from police radar. They do not enable drivers to evade enforcement. Drivers who use radar detectors should be aware that they only provide a warning when an actual police radar gun is being used.

The law does not affect those units found in rental cars, taxis or those purchased for use by organizations such as schools, utility companies and the like. Many states no longer prosecute individuals who use a device that can detect police radar in their daily commuting while on their way to or from work.

Where can you buy a radar detector in New Brunswick?

Radar detectors are available from most electronics stores or automotive supply stores like Canadian Tire.

How much will a radar detector cost in New Brunswick?

Radar detectors start at around $70 and can cost up to $400 for mid-range models.

Where is it illegal to use a radar detector in New Brunswick?

Because not all the radar bands are X, K or Ka you will only be charged if you possess one that detects those bands.

However, because they will alert to the X and K bands they are illegal in most parts of Canada including Quebec, Saskatchewan and Nunavut.

Are radar detectors worth it?

In some areas, the ticket price is a small percentage of the overall cost of the radar detector.

For example in Ontario, you could get a $110 ticket. The average radar detector costs around $100 and they are a worthwhile investment where they are legal.

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