Are There Asians in Miramichi?

Miramichi is a small town in New Brunswick. In the latest census, it had a population of 17,000 people of which only less than 100 were described as Asian.

This is an abysmal record that excludes some Asian immigrants who are likely more likely to be too transient or choose not to self-identify as “Asian” when filling out forms.

Miramichi seems like a white place when compared to other cities in Canada. This is the percentage of White people in Miramichi, compared to other cities in Canada.

The percentage of the population that is “Asian” in Canada is 4.9%. I would have thought that Asian people would have accounted for at least half of the 71 people living in Miramichi who are identified as “Asian”. It seems to me like Miramichi is very lacking in Asian presence.

Here is some information regarding the demographics behind the Asians in Miramichi:

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