Are Winter Tires Mandatory in New Brunswick?

If you live in the Maritimes, you know what winters are like in New Brunswick! For new Brunswickers living in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton and Halifax, you may be wondering whether or not winter tires are mandatory.

According to the province of New Brunswick website, “tires on vehicles driven during any time of year must be fit for the season”. That means if it’s cold outside and there is snow on the ground like what has been happening lately in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia then drivers need to have tires that can work well on icy or snowy roads.

During the winter months, vehicles come equipped with all weather tires. They have special rubber that is designed to work best in snowy and icy conditions and they will make your vehicle better able to handle the wintery weather condition.

There is no specific law that says if you don’t have winter tires on your vehicle, you will get a ticket or go to court. However, police can give you a ticket for violating “the maintenance and equipment requirements”. So, if your car isn’t equipped properly for winter driving, you could be fined and so could the driver.

When should I change my winter tires to summer in New Brunswick?

In New Brunswick, it’s a good idea to change your winter tires to summer tires a few weeks before Easter. You want to avoid driving on your winter tires too much when it starts to warm up, otherwise you’ll be wearing them down unnecessarily.

While it’s easy to change your winter tires on your own, it’s a good idea to bring them to your local New Brunswick mechanic. They’ll be able to get it done faster and will let you know if your tires are good for another season.

Is it bad to put winter tires on early?

The best time to put winter tires on is when the temperature starts dropping and you see a lot of snow cover. You should only put them on when you’re certain that you’ll be traveling only in winter conditions from that point onwards.

Avoid putting on your winter tires too early, otherwise they’ll experience unnecessary wear and tear. Usually after Thanksgiving in New Brunswick is a great time to put on your winter tires.

As long as you put the tires on before it starts snowing, but while the temperature starts to drop towards zero, you’ll be fine.

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