What is the Best City to Live in New Brunswick?

Do you live in New Brunswick? Or, are you considering moving to New Brunswick?

The province of New Brunswick has many cities, towns and communities. The city is the largest and capital city, Fredericton. The other major cities in the province besides Fredericton include Saint John, Moncton, Bathurst, Miramichi and Edmundston.

There are many rural communities outside of these cities where jobs are hard to find. To help with this problem residents must either commute to the nearest major town for work or go somewhere else altogether for employment opportunities that suit their qualifications better

That’s why it can be a difficult decision which area would be best suited for your needs. All cities in New Brunswick have their own unique benefits and drawbacks when it comes to quality of life.

In this post we’ll look at the best places to live in New Brunswick.


Chatham-Kent always tends to be at the very bottom of the list when parents talk about where their children should go to school.

Why is that? Well it all comes down to test scores and popularity as a city. Chatham-Kent is also very isolated compared to other cities, it can be difficult for students from other schools in Nova Scotia to get involved with others from different provinces or even different countries who are trying to make it big in Chatham-Kent .

This is because the school systems are completely different and the students are not familiar with each others schools.

Saint John

kayaking on the saint john river

Originally called Ashland on the Bay of Fundy, Saint John has been around since 1604. There have been many contributions made to the city of Saint John such as the Irving Eco-Centre which is one of the largest facilities in Canada for environmental education and also focuses on natural sciences.

It is a great place for students to get an education. Although this city does not give off a great impression to visitors, it still is well rounded when it comes to schooling and entertainment for residents.


Bathurst has the most Atlantic coastline lengthwise in the province of New Brunswick. This is a beautiful city to visit, located at roughly half way between Moncton and Fredericton.

One of the greatest attractions in Bathurst would be it’s famous Jail Museum which is known across Canada as a tourist attraction. The last time I went to Bathurst it was hard to imagine that there was once a jail though.

The buildings are so well preserved that you feel you are walking around a downtown city! Bathurst has some amazing beaches for residents to enjoy and also has an early learning center for those who are looking for work.


moncton riverfront

Moncton is the largest city in New Brunswick and is also part of the Greater Moncton Area. This whole community is over 230 000 strong and even has a large number of residents from other countries like France, Germany and Spain who have chosen to live there.

You can get some great education here as many students choose to go to the local community college for their post secondary education. Many jobs in Moncton are available for you whether you have a college degree or just a few years worth of experience.


cycling in fredericton

Fredericton, better known as the City of Arts and Letters is a great place to live in New Brunswick. With so much to do, many people choose to move here right after high school.

Students who live here get a great education and also have access to jobs with many industries within the city such as service, retail, business and more. Fredericton is a great place to be if you’re looking for a quick commute, as the city is small enough to walk and bike but large enough to get what you need around town.

One of the greatest attractions here would be the Fredericton Zoo which is where people are able to come and see various animals from all over the world. The zoo also offers programs for children and teenagers throughout the year giving them something fun to do after school or on weekends.

Check out our guide on moving to Fredericton to find out more about this beautiful city in New Brunswick.

Final thoughts

These are all some of the best places in New Brunswick for education, employment and entertainment. It all comes down to what you want out of life.

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