Can You Hunt Partridge on Sundays in New Brunswick?

Hunting is a popular pastime in New Brunswick, and a great way to connect with nature.

When planning your next hunting expedition, you may be wondering if you can hunt partridge on Sundays in the province.

In this post, we’ll answer this question and provide some tips for partridge hunting in New Brunswick.

Can You Hunt Partridge on Sundays in New Brunswick?

Yes, valid hunting licence holders will be permitted to hunt or trap partridge on Sundays in New Brunswick as long as they’re within their respective management areas. This applies throughout the entire hunting and trapping season.

It’s also important to note that other regulations apply when it comes to partridge hunting in New Brunswick as well as other provinces across Canada.

For instance, hunters must possess a valid small game hunting license before they can legally hunt partridge or any other type of game bird.

There are also size restrictions for bag limits—the maximum number of birds that can be taken each day—which vary depending on what kind of game bird you are hunting for and where you are located within the province.

Tips for Hunting Partridge in New Brunswick

Partridge are relatively easy game birds to hunt due to their size and behavior during flight; they tend to fly low, making them easier targets than other types of game birds like ducks or geese.

To increase your chances of a successful hunt when pursuing partridges, make sure you have proper gear (e.g., camouflage clothing), quiet footwear (to avoid startling the birds), and good shooting skills (practice at an indoor range before heading out).

Additionally, look for areas with plenty of cover (bushes or tall grasses) that will offer more protection from predators while allowing access to food sources such as seeds and berries; these areas will typically have higher concentrations of partridges than open fields or wooded areas without cover.

Finally, always remember to stay respectful and courteous while out hunting—make sure not to disturb other people or animals nearby!

Partridge Hunting in New Brunswick

Partridge are popular birds among hunters throughout Canada due to their size and behavior during flight. Recently the laws were changed to allow hunting of partridges on Sundays in New Brunswick.

In addition to these regulations there are also various bag limits that vary depending on where you are located within the province as well as what type of gear is required for a successful hunt such as camouflage clothing and quiet footwear.

By following these guidelines along with practicing shooting skills at an indoor range beforehand will help ensure an enjoyable yet safe experience while out hunting partridges in New Brunswick!



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