All You Need to Know About the Carbon Tax Rebate in New Brunswick

Are you living in New Brunswick and wondering how much money you’ll get from the carbon tax rebate?

You’re in luck. In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the carbon tax rebate in New Brunswick.

The Basics of the Carbon Tax Rebate in New Brunswick

The Federal Government has implemented a carbon tax program across Canada in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In New Brunswick, the carbon tax is applied directly to fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas and propane used for transportation or home heating.

This means that consumers are paying more for these products due to the addition of the carbon tax.

The good news is that the federal government has provided a rebate program that helps offset some of these costs.

Who Qualifies for a Carbon Tax Rebate?

In New Brunswick, anyone who meets certain income requirements can qualify for a carbon tax rebate.

To be eligible for a full rebate, your net income must be less than or equal to $51,000 (for individuals) or $102,000 (for couples).

If your net income is between $51,000 – $93,000 (individuals) or $102,000 – $186,000 (couples), then you will receive an adjusted amount based on your actual income level.

If your net income exceeds these thresholds then unfortunately you are not eligible for any type of rebate at all.

How Much Is The Carbon Tax Rebate In New Brunswick?

The amount of money that individuals and couples receive varies depending on their income level.

For example, if your net income is less than or equal to $51k (individuals) or $102K (couples), then you are eligible for a full rebates of up to $248 per adult and up to an additional $48 per child under 18 years old.

If your net income falls between those levels then you will receive an adjusted amount based on your actual income level.

It’s important to note that all rebates are provided as one-time payments each year so make sure you apply before it’s too late!

New Brunswick’s Carbon Tax Rebate Program

The Carbon Tax Rebate Program in New Brunswick provides taxpayers with an opportunity to get back some of their hard-earned dollars spent on fossil fuels each year.

We hope this post has given you all the information you need about eligibility requirements and how much money can be received through this program!

If you believe that you meet all eligibility criteria mentioned above then don’t wait – apply now while there’s still time!

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