Are There Cougars in New Brunswick?

Are there cougars in New Brunswick? The answer to this question is “no”. There are no cougars in New Brunswick, Canada. In fact, the province has not seen a wild subspecies of the North American panther since 1874. No sightings of these animals have been reported since then, but some biologists suspect that there may be a small population of these animals living deep within forest areas that have not yet been properly surveyed by biologists or hunters. Despite this possibility, it is nevertheless known that there are no cougars currently roaming around New Brunswick’s forests or urban areas.

Where do cougars live in Canada?

There are a few places in Canada where cougars still roam around. The province of Ontario, for example, has one subspecies of cougar that is still found in the wild known as the “taiga” cougar (also called the Algonquin cougar). These animals have also been described as “house cats” by some people. The province of Quebec has a second subspecies of cougar known as the “Algonquin”, but this subspecies is not found in any way throughout New Brunswick. The third subspecies is found in both Ontario and Quebec and they are called “timber” cougars or simply simply “Cougars”.

What kind of wildlife do they have in New Brunwsick?

You will find a vast array of wildlife in New Brunswick. For example:
– You can find bald eagles on a riverbank, or soaring high above the trees in search of food.
– You might be lucky enough to spot an otter fishing for its dinner, or swimming across the lake on its journey home.
– Expect to see many kinds of deer in our green forests and fields, including white tail deer, mule deer and black bear.
– Moose are also known for their prowess at crossing lakes and rivers to get from one side to the other.
– Mink are a common site in New Brunswick; they like living close to water as it provides them with both shelter and food sources.
– You are likely to spot a coyote on the side of the road. These predators might also be spotted at night, hunting for prey.
– Reptiles and amphibians, such as frogs and salamanders, can be found throughout New Brunswick in our uplands and wetlands.
– The Bay of Fundy has many underwater inhabitants, including whales, dolphins and seals who use it as a breeding ground.
– New Brunswick is also home to over two hundred bird species who breed and feed here or migrate through en route to their northern nesting grounds. Many birds nest in our communities or near water sources or forests so they can feed their young.

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  1. I saw one cross the old Rt 2 by the Hydro just outside Fredericton. It was 25yrs ago around 11pm. It was -35 degrees F and at first I slowed for what I thought was a deer. My Mom and I noticed the Tawny large cat head and a huge tail dragging along. Another car stopped behind us also. Was definitely looking for water everything was frozen solid. Hydro outlet was where it was headed. I was 42 and Mom 60. Well traveled and definitely aware of animal species. Home in US and Canada we love wildlife. Possibly passing through but talking to family who have lumbered for years, they are even more sightings now 2023 then back when I saw one. I have seen Grizzlies at Yellowstone and Big Horn sheep in California. This was a huge, beautiful Cat. And I was Blessed to share that moment with my Mom. That’s why they are called the Ghosts of the forest ❤️


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