How Much Does Cremation Cost in New Brunswick?

Cremation cost in New Brunswick is one of the most confusing topics for many people. The cost of this service depends on which cremation provider is chosen along with other factors such as location and what type of cremation you are getting.

The amount of money for a cremation will largely depend on how much the urn, service, or container you choose to have a loved one’s ashes sculpted into. As we move forward and industry standards continue to change, it may be difficult to know what your loved one would expect if they were alive today. The top four providers in New Brunswick include Cathedral Memorial Gardens, Palm Mortuary & Crematory Inc. , Eastern Cemetery & Crematory, and Moshansky Funeral Services.

In New Brunswick, the average cost of a cremation is $1,900. But this figure may vary according to how much you want the urn, container or other additional services you are selecting. The least expensive funeral director in the state is Palm Mortuary & Crematory Inc. at $590 while the more expensive one is Cathedral Memorial Gardens at $2,100. On average New Brunswickers spend $1,979 on cremation costs with a median cost of $1,950. There are less expensive cremation services in Saint John than any other location in New Brunswick.

Why get a cremation?

Cremation is the burning of a body at high temperatures to turn the body into ashes. There are many reasons that people choose to get cremation over burial. Cremation is also more expensive than burial, so keep this in mind when making your final decision. To save money, you can also choose not to purchase an urn or a container for the cremated remains of your loved one. This may be easier for some families than purchasing an urn, but this is something only you and your family can decide.

Is a cremation right for me?

If you want maximum flexibility for your family and budget, then choosing cremation over burial cannot be beaten. It is also important to consider your personal beliefs regarding the disposal of human remains. If you are cremating because you do not wish to keep the ashes near your loved one, you can purchase airtight glass containers for them or have them buried. Or if there is no direct relationship between the person and the rest of their body (such as he was a pilot killed in a plane crash), it may be possible to have the remains cremated without an urn or container.

Which cremation provider would be good for me?

There are four large companies that provide full service in New Brunswick: Cathedral Memorial Gardens, Eastern Cemetery & Crematory Inc. , Palm Mortuary & Crematory Inc. , and Moshansky Funeral Services. With an Internet search, you may be able to find specialized services. There are many third party cremation service providers who will pick up the body from a medical examiner and deliver the remains to wherever you want them to go. These companies include All Faiths Funeral Services, Inc., New Brunswick Cremation Centre of Saint John Inc., William B. Moore Cremation Centre Ltd, and Wm E Lyons Ltd.

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