Do truffles grow in New Brunswick

Yes. It’s a true story that truffles grow in New Brunswick!

Those lucky enough to have lived in the town of St. Stephen will tell you that truffles take root in their backyards – and as if that wasn’t incredible enough, there is no way to know what your truffle patch should look like.

Not only do these black stone fruit grow wild, but they are also notoriously difficult to find without help from local farmers who tend their own crops for profit or for fun. You could spend hours walking through the nearby woods, but you’ll likely miss out on some early season finds and other growers’ harvest piles if you don’t go prepared with your own equipment.

Luckily, the truffle hunters at Truffle Hunter New Brunswick will take care of all your truffle hunting needs. They’ll even drive you to the patch and teach you all you need to know to make your very own gourmet meal.

The Truffle Hunter gang offers a wide array of packages for pick-up as well as on-site truffle hunts. If you’re an experienced hunter, you can request a private hunt with a seasoned guide – or if you’d like some practice before venturing out into the forest, workshops are also available.

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