Do you Need a Building Permit to do Renovations in Miramichi?

Yes, although it depends. Most renovations will require a building permit and some may need an occupancy permit.

Other permits are needed depending on the project to be completed. If you’re unsure, contact the Miramichi local municipality for more information.

Getting a Building Permit in Miramichi

For most of you planning to do any renovations in Miramichi, it’s likely that you will need a building permit. If a renovation is going to change the way the house or apartment functions inside or outside, it will almost certainly need to have a building permit.

This also means that things like updating your electrical wiring or adding insulation will require one too.

And as for those home improvements that are allowed without permits? Renovations such as replacing windows, exterior doors and siding can be done without applying for one.

There are, however, some restrictions to renovations.For example, any work done on a house that is over 30 years old will not be allowed.

And keep in mind that you need to get a permit if the renovations are going to cost more than $5,000 or create more than seven cubic metres of extra space (for example an addition). If you’re planning a renovation, make sure to take a look at the building inspector’s website for up-to-date information.

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