Does the Miramichi River Flood?

Yes, the Miramichi River does flood.

There can be any number of reasons why the Miramichi River floods. While it doesn’t happen often, the Miramichi River, like many other rivers in New Brunswick, is prone to flooding due to seasonal events. For example, if there’s too much rain or if the snowfall is too heavy one year combined with a period of prolonged rain, it’s likely that the Miramichi River will flood. 

It’s worth noting that this is a river that roughly 1/4 of New Brunswick drains into. That means a lot of water can be draining into the Miramichi River depending on the season and weather events.

Thankfully, there hasn’t been any serious flooding on the Miramichi River in quite a few years.

The last time there was serious flooding was back in the 70s when an ice Jam, mild weather, and heavy rain resulted in flooding across most of New Brunswick.

Since then, technology and infrastructure has advanced to prevent things like flooding on the Miramichi River so it’s no longer a problem that the province faces on a regular basis.

Quick Facts About the Miramichi River

The Miramichi is one of the longest rivers in New Brunswick, Meandering nearly 250 km in length.

At the end of the river it drains into Miramichi Bay, which is located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Along the river are a number of Fisheries used predominantly for Atlantic salmon.

At one point it was one of the greatest salmon streams in North America, although there has been a decline since the 50s because of chemicals and other environmental concerns.

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