Gifting a Vehicle in New Brunswick: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to gift a vehicle in New Brunswick, the process is fairly straightforward.

However, it helps to familiarize yourself with the regulations and paperwork involved before you take the leap.

Let’s look at what you need to know about gifting a vehicle in New Brunswick.

Transferring Ownership of a Vehicle in New Brunswick

The first step is transferring ownership of the vehicle from the original owner to the recipient.

This can be done using either the Transfer and Tax Form or the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO).

The MCO form should come with your purchase if you purchased your vehicle from a new car dealer.

The Transfer and Tax Form should be used if you purchased from another individual or dealership.

You will also need to provide proof of insurance and valid identification for both parties involved in the transfer.

Registering Your Vehicle

The next step is registering your vehicle with Service New Brunswick.

Before registering, you must make sure that your vehicle has been inspected within 30 days of registration and that it meets all safety requirements outlined by Service New Brunswick.

Then, you must apply for registration with Service New Brunswick either online or in person at an SNB office near you. When applying for registration, you must provide proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and payment for any applicable fees (i.e., registration fees, taxes).

Once approved, SNB will issue your license plate as well as a validation sticker indicating when your license plate expires.

Licensing Your Vehicle in New Brunswick

The final step is licensing your vehicle which requires getting an annual safety inspection done every two years on passenger vehicles that are four years old or older (or every year on motorcycles).

The inspection must be done by an authorized service provider and involves checking that all mandatory parts such as lights, brakes, exhaust systems etc are functioning properly before issuing a Safety Standards Certificate (SSC).

Once approved by SNB, this certificate allows drivers to renew their license plate annually without needing another inspection done unless otherwise noted by SNB inspectors during roadside inspections or during service appointments at inspection stations.

Gifting a Vehicle in New Brunswick

Gifting a vehicle in New Brunswick may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be!

By understanding the transfer process and following through with all required steps—from transferring ownership of the vehicle to registering it with Service NB—you can ensure that everything goes smoothly when gifting or buying a car in NB!

With some preparation and knowledge on hand, gifting a car can be easy!

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