How Many Credits to Graduate High School in New Brunswick, Canada

If your high school is in New Brunswick, Canada and you want to graduate in time for the next school year, you’ll need to earn a total of 18 credits.

You can work towards an average of six credits each year but this depends on how many courses your school offers.

This means you need 18 credits to graduate high school in New Brunswick.

Here are all the possible ways you can get credit at a New Brunswick public high school:

  • Eight compulsory credits from the basic graduation program (including English Language Arts 10 and either Mathematics 10 or Science 10) – Four compulsory credits from CTE programs (including Physical Education 10) – Eight additional “gaining” credits in different subjects or CTE programs (excluding Physical Education 10)
  • Two senior courses (i.e. applied English, or citizenship and world studies) would also transfer to your final grade – Depending on the school, these credits could be counted towards those in CTE programs
  • You are allowed to carry a maximum of two courses at each level. So, if you are planning on taking a course at the first year level (i.e. Grade 10) you must ensure that both grades 10 and 11 also count as “gaining” credits for your final grade.

If you are looking to graduate early, i.e. before your scheduled year, it is possible to fast-track the courses you need using the senior courses mentioned above or possibly by taking courses at a different school in New Brunswick or through an education centre. In these circumstances, you would be considered a “private” student and fees would apply for each credit.

The credits will be counted on your high school transcript but they may not necessarily transfer over to another institution if you choose to go somewhere else after graduating from high school in New Brunswick.

Having a high school diploma is necessary for a lot of Moncton jobs and other employment opportunities throughout the province.

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