How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid in New Brunswick

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How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid in New Brunswick

In the province of NB, there is a legislated rate of $25 per day provided by the Department of Social Development for children under 5 years old, or less than 44 pounds, which includes an additional 10 cents per pound for children with impairments that cannot be corrected with wheelchair equipment and/or physical therapy equipment.

In addition, there are also other expenses that come out of the foster parents pocket. When a child comes into care, the first thing the foster parent must do is register with a case manager of their choice and with a social worker in that area.

Once you register, you’ll be scheduled for an initial visit from a caseworker who will assess the child and make recommendations such as additional services, if required. These additional services may include speech therapy, physical therapy or occupational therapy, parenting program, respite care etc.

The cost of these additional services will vary depending on how long your child is in care and what they need but the average is around $50 per week per service. For example, if your child is in care for 14 weeks and required speech therapy, you would be looking at $844.

Foster parents must prove that they have been approved by the Ministry of Child, Youth and Family Development and that they meet the requirements set down by the Government of New Brunswick.

What You Need to be Approved as a Foster Parent to Get Payments

In order to be approved all you need is a valid driver’s licence, vehicle registration or health card; however you must also prove that you are financially responsible enough to care for the children in your home.

There is a 10-year agreement that foster parents must sign stating that they will keep the child in their care for a year or more.

The Ministry will also give priority to ethnicities of children who are being placed into foster homes.

Foster parents in New Brunswick can receive between $18 and $28 per day to care for an infant, depending on the age, weight and special needs of the child.

The agreement that foster parents sign is only enforceable by court order and placing a child into another home outside of the 10-year agreement is illegal.

Foster families do not get paid until after the first year. Foster parents also have access to free training in case management, parenting and first aid.

The Role of a Foster Parent in New Brunswick

A foster parent’s role is to provide temporary and safe care for children who are removed from their biological families.

Foster parents’ responsibilities include providing a home, food, clothing and other necessities needed for the child.

They will also help with all aspects of the child’s life including physical, emotional and mental development and safety.

While foster families cannot make decisions on where the children will go after they leave placement in their homes, they do play an important role in helping them prepare for future living situations in either another foster home or with their biological family.

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