How Much Do Nurses Make In New Brunswick?

New Brunswick nurses earn an average of $44,318 per year. The median hourly wage is $24.73, meaning half of all nurses in New Brunswick make between $24.73 and $44,317 annually.

Working full-time hours per week at the provincial hourly wage as a nurse in New Brunswick earns you between roughly $60,000 to over $100,000 per year.

Which is a lot of dough, but not enough for the average New Brunswicker to live off of. And that’s just the average nurse. The average RN in New Brunswick can expect to make about $65,000 per year.*

The lowest earners in the nursing industry are public health nurses, who earn an annual mean wage of just under $40,000. Those with less than five years of experience at their current job earn on average around $46,000 annually.*

Top Nursing Jobs In New Brunswick:* Public Health Nurse earns an annual mean wage of roughly $50,000. (Full-Time hourly pay: About $45.00/hr) General Duty nurses make an average of $57,000. (Full-Time hourly pay: $51.53/hr) Specialty care nurses earn an average mean wage of about $65,000. (Full-Time hourly pay: $60.49/hr)

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