How Much Do Paramedics Make in New Brunswick?

This article is intended to help those thinking about a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Services), especially if you’re planning on moving to New Brunswick.

We will share our experience, detailing the salaries and the benefits of working in New Brunswick.

The figures are from the New Brunswick EMS website so it should be fairly accurate.

How Much Do Paramedics Make in New Brunswick?

Paramedics in New Brunswick earn between $2,500 and $4,500/month for their work with many other factors being considered as well as overtime pay.

The only way to get paid as a paramedic is to go through the training program (nearly two hundred hours of training). You will spend a lot of time n a classroom and must pass a test at the end of each level.

It does not matter whether you worked for years as an EMT or even worked for years like a nurse, if you do not have your diploma then you are not a paramedic.

A high school education is required before someone can apply to the training program. You must also be fluent in English because many questions on the tests will be answered in English.

If you are still interested in a career as a New Brunswick paramedic then here is some information to help you decide:

Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Salary

The salary of an EMT is $30,000/year. There are a lot of factors that come into play but this is the amount that the government normally pays.

This salary is low even when compared to other provinces and Canada as a whole. The good news is that it does not change much so if you want to work as an EMT in New Brunswick then learn how to live off of government assistance.

The New Brunswick EMS (Ambulance service) was created in 1997 and was later renamed as the NB Emergency Medical Services. It is a contract with the province for the delivery of basic emergency medical services throughout the province.

They were also called in to help out with Hurricane Frieda which hit New Brunswick on June 5, 1998. This shows that this service has been around for a while.

At an average of $3,000 per month the EMT has a very easy job compared to most other jobs in Canada. Working as an EMT is similar to working a part time job or by doing some work outside of work during their off hours or on weekends.

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