How much do teachers make in New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is located in the southeast region of Canada and has a population of 715,000 people. The total number of teachers in New Brunswick is 6,100. The median salary for teachers decreased -1 percent from 2013 to 2014. Median years of teaching experience for New Brunswick teachers is 17 years and 2 months old.

As with many professions that have an extensive amount of expertise required, like teaching, the median income can be significantly lower than other professions with comparable levels training or experience in the region such as doctors or engineers. Teachers have extensive education and training requirements and must have a masters degree for full certification. Therefore, teachers can make less than comparable professions in the region.

According to data from the New Brunswick Department of Education, there are 6,100 teachers employed in New Brunswick with a median salary of $55,800. The minimum educational requirement to teach at an elementary school is a completion of a BA or BSc degree. The requirement to teach at a secondary school is completion of an advanced diploma or degree. Teachers earn additional compensation based on years of experience and credentials.

Is being a teacher worth it?
Depending on their education and job experience, teachers can earn significantly more than comparable professions in the region. Teachers can earn an average annual salary of $92,590. Doctors or engineers in New Brunswick earn an average annual salary of $103,050. If you are qualified to teach, you could make substantially more money than these comparable professionals.

The median wage for public school teachers as defined by the 2011 National Education Association survey is $51,790. The median wage for private school school teachers was $64,310. The wage difference is mostly due to differences in education requirements and educational backgrounds which doesn’t mean that a teacher is necessarily earning more than comparable background professionals in New Brunswick.

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