How Much is Parking at the Moncton Airport?

In this post we’ll look the cost of parking at Moncton Airport, locations where you can park, and what time restrictions are in place.

You can find detailed information at the Moncton Airport site here.

Parking at the Moncton Airport


  • Hourly: $4.00
  • Daily: $20.00
  • Weekly: (5-7 days) $100.00
  • Monthly: $350.00

The Moncton Airport offers both short term (hourly) and long term (daily) parking options for travellers who need to leave their vehicle while they go on vacation or business trips.

Short term parking is available for those who wish to park for the day or evening and return to the airport within a short amount of time.

The short term parking lot is located on the west side of the airport directly across from the exit for baggage pickup. This lot offers hourly parking for $4 per hour up to a maximum of $20 per day.

Long Term Parking is offered in both with an outdoor and an indoor option. Long term parking is located just past the rental car building. The outdoor lot is directly to the left as you enter this area and costs $ 20per day, $100 per week, or $350 per month.

The indoor lot for long term parking is accessed by going through the rental car building which is located between the short term and long term parking areas. The indoor lot for long term parking is on an upper level of the vehicle return area with visibility from both levels of the vehicle pick up and drop off area.

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