How to Get a Civic Number in New Brunswick

The city of New Brunswick is offering the first citizens of our fair city a chance to register at a civic number. This can be done at any one of their offices or from home. It’s open to everyone regardless of age or citizenship status, including children and university students.

New Brunswickers can also choose to pay for their municipal taxes in cash, but this does mean that you may end up with more than what you expected, so it might not be the best option for those having trouble affording the amount. If you’d like more information on this service, visit

Here is everything you need to know about civic numbers.

A civic number is a nine-digit code that allows you to access many municipal services, such as obtaining proof of address, performing a health check and even taking part in municipal elections.

The city’s new service is the result of a partnership involving the New Brunswick Immigration Partnership (NBIPP), the provincial government, mayor Eric Jackson and other community leaders. NBIPP works with communities across New Brunswick to help newcomers make their way in their new home. In this case, it managed the registration process for all citizens wishing to obtain a civic number in New Brunswick.

How to get a civic number in New Brunswick

Most New Brunswick citizens can get a civic number through the following steps:

Go to one of the NBIPP’s offices at 51 Queen St in Moncton. No advance registration is required. Bring two pieces of ID and proof of residence within New Brunswick, such as a rental agreement or utility bill. Once your application is approved, pay the $36 fee (see below for more information.) You will be given an appointment date and time when you can return to pick up your card. Your new civic number will be ready as soon as you arrive at the office on that date.

Alternatively, you can apply from home. Go to and fill out the online application form. Make sure all information is accurate, because once submitted, you cannot go back and make changes (unless you immediately contact NBIPP).

You must also provide proof of New Brunswick residency in order to obtain a civic number (see below for more information.)

Proving your New Brunswick residency

If applying in person, New Brunswick citizens must provide two pieces of valid identification together with proof of residence within the province. For example, a rental agreement or utility bill will work.

If applying online, you must provide two pieces of valid identification with an accepted digital format. You can use a picture of your driver’s license, passport or visa instead of the actual document itself (for example, a picture of your passport instead of the actual passport), but the image must be high enough quality to be readable and contain all pertinent information. You must also provide proof of New Brunswick residency.

You can prove proof of residence in New Brunswick using the following:

Social Insurance Number card

Driver’s license or learner’s permit

Rental agreement or lease agreement for your principal residence with your name on it. This must include the name and address of your landlord, and if applicable, their telephone number. If you live with someone and use a shared lease, both people must go through the process separately. NBIPP will only recognize one civic number per household regardless of how many people live there. This means that each person must have an individual civic number.

Alternative proof of address: If you are applying from home (online), you must upload a picture of a paper that contains your name and your permanent address in New Brunswick, dated within the last three months. Examples include: utility bills – phone, Internet, cable TV, bank statements.

If applying in person, you can upload a picture of a paper that contains your name and your permanent address in New Brunswick dated within the last three months. Examples include: utility bills – phone, Internet, cable TV, bank statements.

How much does it cost?

New Brunswickers who apply from home will have to pay $36 for their civic number or $18 for replacement cards for their children.

Those who apply in person or have an appointment will have their application and renewal fees waived, but they will still need to pay $36 for their civic number.

More information on these fees can be found at and

How long does the application process take?

Once you apply for your civic number, it takes about five business days (during regular business hours) to process your request, depending on how quickly you submit your documents and whether or not you need to prove residence in New Brunswick. If you provide your documents during regular business hours, you should be able to pick up your card the same day as your appointment.

If you apply from home and wait more than eight business days without hearing from NBIPP, you should email them at or call 1-844-675-3973 for an update on your application or to see if there was a problem with your application. Your card cannot be issued until it has been processed to avoid fraudulent use of a civic number.

The Government of New Brunswick is trying to make things easier for newcomers by implementing a new program that offers most New Brunswick citizens access to a civic number. For those who wish to obtain proof of residence or need to replace a lost or stolen card, it can be done online. You can apply and pay for your civic number or replacement card through your home computer, which is much quicker and more convenient than standing in line at the NBIPP office in Moncton.

For more information on how and where to get a new civic number, visit

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