How To Incorporate In New Brunswick

After registering a small business in New Brunswick, you may want to incorporate.

To incorporate in New Brunswick, you will need to fill out and submit these four documents that you can find on the government of NB’s website.

  1. Order in council ordering incorporations to be registered in registrar general’s office.
  2. Agreement of Articles for Incorporation (signed by all shareholders)
  3. Corporate Name Search Request Form.
  4. Resolutions for Shareholders (signed by all shareholders)

These four documents are required when incorporating a business in NB and must be submitted by either mail or email.

Once the documents have been received, it will take 15-30 days before the company is incorporated. Once the company is incorporated, business owners need to fill out the corporate name search request form.

When filling out this form, they will have to describe what they want in the company name (this can be something as simple as “Graphic Designers Inc.” or “Strawberry By The Inch Produce”, but it can be more flexible).

They will then need to upload a picture of their headshot and an image of their proposed logo for the corporation (also different for every business).

The last thing that must be filled out is a description of the business and its activities (for example, this could include how many hours per week people are working at the company).

Once these things have been filled out, the business owner will need to send everything off to the registrar general’s office. The registrar general will then update the file on their website.

Once this file has been updated, a certificate of incorporation with a new corporate seal will be given to you. You are now fully incorporated and ready to start doing business.

You can check out the official New Brunswick guide on incorporation here.

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