How to get an HST Number in New Brunwsick

If you are a new resident moving to New Brunswick, you will need to get an HST number. The process is relatively easy and straightforward; however, it can be confusing as there is no one place that you can find all the information. There are many websites on the internet that offer different ways of getting your HST number from over a dozen contact centres across the province. Below I have outlined 4 steps for getting your HST Number:
Step 1: Collect all required documents
– If you do not already have these ready-made for transfer, please consult Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) if needed. Be aware any documentation from other provinces/U.S. states will not transfer over to New Brunswick.
– The documentation you need is listed in the HST Fact sheet available from CRA (Link at bottom of page)
– If you are working under your own name, then a letter from your employer stating that you are starting work on a certain date, along with recent pay slips showing employment income as well as proof of your address (Canada Post Change of address card with forwarding address or utility bill)
– If you are transferring over under someone else’s name or company, file the appropriate forms and documentation proving so. Modern Times Mining and Metals Inc. has provided the CRA with documentation confirming that I am one of their employees working in Canada under their Business Number (BN).
– To prove Canadian address, some of the required documents include (in order): a utility bill or rent receipt making mention of your name and address, a bank statement showing recent income (2-3 months), a newspaper subscription, or a family member’s P.O. Box.
Step 2: Send in the required filing forms to the CRA
When you have prepared all documents for transfer to New Brunswick, you will need to fill out the appropriate form from your province or territory’s Ministry of Finance. You can find these forms online at:
http://www .fin .ca/business/corp/contacts_agence -sud /commissions_de_saisie/index. asp
When sending these forms, you will need to include the following:
– A copy of the front and back of your social insurance card (SIN)
– A copy of the front and back of your driver’s license or Canadian passport
– A completed Transfers form from CRA
– The physical address (your address) where you wish to receive your mail in New Brunswick. This is not a post office box number; it needs to be a physical address. For example, if you are moving into an apartment building, provide the address of your suite/apartment. If you are moving into a house, provide the full street address including province and street name (i.e. 198 Main St., or 19 Rue De La Commune). If you are moving into a room in a house, provide the full address including province and street name (i.e. 198 Main St., or 19 Rue De La Commune)
– Provide the name and phone number (include area code if applicable) of your employer in New Brunswick.
– As a final step send any required documentation to New Brunswick: your passport with stamps and visa, health card showing birth date, citizenship document, or Canadian Citizenship card; an offer letter from your employer; source of funds letter if transferring funds for tuition/moving expenses; proof of current residence abroad (you need to pay for any filing fees).

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