Is Baiting Deer Legal in New Brunswick?

No, baiting deer is not legal in New Brunswick.

Baiting refers to hunting and feeding deer within the same season outside of an enclosure. This practice is illegal in New Brunswick and could lead to a $2,000 fine for first-time offenders and up to $10,000 for repeat offenders. On top of potential criminal charges, a person convicted of baiting may also be banned from hunting or fishing anywhere in the province for up to five years.

Furthermore, it’s important to only hunt on land that you have permission from the landowner or an appropriate hunting license has been purchased. Not only could you be fined, but you can be charged with trespassing if you’re caught hunting in fenced land or hunting on private property.

Baiting is also illegal in Ontario, P.E.I., and Manitoba. Here are some more tips on how you can avoid hunting on private property without permission:

If you’re not sure if a trail or landowner is willing to allow hunting or trespassing, ask before you get there. Deer feeding can be very visible, so it’s best to make sure there’s no sign saying no trespassing or no hunting. If someone says there is a farm or other farm-like area nearby and they seem to have the “keys” to the place; it’s likely that they have permission to allow people onto their property while deer feeders are in operation. Check the trail or property before hunting. If you see a recent fence put up, it means the landowner has requested that people stay away. If there is a sign saying “No Trespassing,” then you should avoid going there. Even if the sign isn’t up yet, you will be trespassing if there are any signs or piles of corn or beans that indicate that deer were fed there recently (even if they’re not visible on sight).

If you did discover that this land was open to hunting, make sure to check with the landowner to make sure they are okay with it.

Lastly, remember to hunt safe and have fun!

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