Is Fredericton Safe?

Overall, Fredericton seems like a relatively quiet city that doesn’t have a lot of crime committed within the city limits (aside from some notable exceptions). I’ve always felt safe walking around in Fredericton. Even if you’re a little bit intoxicated and walking alone at night on some sketchy street, I feel like you would probably be okay as long as you don’t go looking for trouble.

It’s also important to note that I’ve always been relatively safe in any neighbourhood of the city. If you stay in the middle of the city or in some suburban part of town, then you’re going to be fine no matter what time it is. In fact, even if you’re just out partying all night, I wouldn’t recommend wandering through any other neighbourhoods at night besides maybe Chipman Hill and/or the South Central area. Otherwise, if you stay in a reasonably safe neighbourhood there shouldn’t be any problems.

Some areas of the city (especially in the North-West) that should be avoided at night include:

1) UNB Campus Area – South Central

This area is always buzzing with activity during the day and can get pretty lively on most nights. In the evening time, though, I would avoid walking through this area while it’s dark out. This is especially true if you’re not from around here and don’t know your way too well. It’s not necessarily dangerous, but it seems like the kind of place where an engaged individual or group of people could easily rob you or beat you up if they wanted to.

2) Corner of King and Coburg (Coburg is the central intersection near UNB)

Just like the UNB area, this area has a fair amount of students hanging out there on many nights. It also has a fair number of homeless people hanging out there. This area also seems to be where a lot of fights get started from time to time. I’d probably just avoid walking around during the day or after dark in this area if you don’t know the place well enough to figure out where you are going.

3) The University Area – South-West (or at least any part of it that’s off University Ave. or the Park Drive area)

This area is most dangerous at night. It seems to be where a lot of student creeps live. I wouldn’t recommend walking around that area alone after dark, even if you’re a local. There have been reports of sexual assaults in the University Area that occurred a long time ago, so it’s probably not safe to walk around there now either.

There are still some areas of Fredericton that you should avoid at night, especially if you don’t know the area well. If you’re out for more than an hour at night alone, then stick with your friends or family until you go back home after dark.

5 Tips for staying safe in Fredericton

1) Don’t hang out in the North-West of the city at night

2) Stick with your friends and/or family at night; especially if you’re a stranger to Fredericton

3) If you’re going to be drinking, try not to do it alone and/or walk around with your drink. This will reduce your chances of becoming a victim of an assault or robbery. You don’t want to end up like this.

4) If you are walking alone, don’t walk around with your headphones on or be distracted by texting on your cell phone.

5) Don’t walk around too much at night alone or where you’re not used to walking or know your way around. Stick to your friends and family as much as possible. I don’t know about you, but I would imagine that if someone doesn’t know the area well enough to spend 2-3 days walking around alone it’s probably not a good idea for them to be wandering around Fredericton at night.

While crime is sometimes a problem here in Fredericton, there are definitely ways for you to avoid ending up as the victim of a crime if you follow these simple tips listed above. The most unsafe period of the day is between 4pm and 1am, so try and be back from wherever you’re going by then.

Don’t feel like you have to avoid the area if it’s fairly safe during the daytime hours, though. I’ve always felt safe walking around in Fredericton even if I’m not familiar with where I’m going. Just stay safe during those evening hours and you should be just fine!


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