Is Miramichi Bay Fresh Water or Saltwater

Since Miramichi Bay is essentially connected to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean, it is predominantly a saltwater body of water.

However, since it’s the Miramichi River that empties into it carry in freshwater, the salinity is low and it’s mostly freshwater near the mouth.

This makes it a prime location for fishing in New Brunswick, specifically Atlantic salmon and it’s one of the prime Atlantic salmon fishing locations in all of North America.

Quick Facts About Miramichi Bay

Miramichi Bay is a body of water located on the coast of New Brunswick, Canada. It spans from the community of Neguac to the community of Escuminac.

Miramichi Bay is about 70 kilometres long if you’re following the shoreline.

Miramichi Bay is saltwater and is an estuary that connects to the St. Croix River in Maine. The bay was named after Miramichi, a Native American chief of the Abenaki people who lived in coastal Maine and New Brunswick.

The bay is more than seven kilometres wide at its mouth and about twelve kilometres wide at its end.

The bay is of interest to biologists because it’s an important migration corridor for fish, birds and marine mammals. The bay is also important to the economy of northeastern New Brunswick. In addition, the bay, which is a center for commercial and sport fishing, generates more than $20 million in annual earnings for the province; about one-third of that amount comes from sport fishing alone.

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