Is Miramichi Safe?

Along with wondering whether or not Miramichi is a good place to live – you might also be wondering if it’s safe.

The short answer is yes, Miramichi is completely safe and as safe as most cities in Canada. Like most of the small towns in New Brunswick and the Maritime Provinces, crime is extremely low and it’s unlikely you would ever feel safe in a city like this, of its size.

Although crime rates in Miramichi are higher than the national average, this crime is typically hyper localized within specific communities. Most residents won’t experience any crime or even be aware of it happening.

The crime rate in Miramichi continues to decrease and has been seeing a decrease year-over-year for quite some time.

Living in Miramichi, it’s unlikely you will ever become a victim of crime apart from very petty things like bike thefts or package thefts, problems which are common in many cities across Canada. 

Overall, yes – Miramichi is an extremely safe City and it’s one of the best places to live in New Brunswick if you’re looking for somewhere affordable, quiet, and close to Nature.

This is a safe and inviting City and there’s no need to worry about your safety or crime if you’re planning on moving or relocating here.

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