Is Moncton Colder Than Toronto?

Yes! Moncton is colder than Toronto.

On this site here you’ll be able to get a better idea of the average temperatures when you’re comparing Moncton and Toronto.

weather in toronto compared to moncton

Toronto vs Moncton Weather

There are many variables to consider when comparing climates because temperature and humidity have a very complex interrelation.

For example, it is warmer in the morning in Moncton than it would be at the same time of day in Toronto.

This may seem counterintuitive but typically the lowest lows for Moncton occur later in the day, whereas for Toronto they typically occur early in the morning.

While this might not represent a general trend, there are more differences between these two locations than just their average temperature; Moncton has lower relative humidity than Toronto, thus more heat from inhaled air will actually be felt and there will be less cooling effect from evaporated sweat on skin and clothing.

Moncton has a city-wide average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and Toronto has an average winter temperature of 3 degrees Celsius.

The low pressure system in Canada’s Maritimes causes these regions to have colder winters than southern Ontario.

The majority of Torontonians can take advantage of the warm temperatures a few days each year but in many areas like Moncton, winter lasts from November until April which could lead to increased instances of serious health conditions such as frostbite or hypothermia due to prolonged exposure to cold weather and decreased access to daily resources such as heat, food, water and gas for heating homes or vehicles.

Toronto’s average temperature in winter is slightly milder than Montreal’s.

The southern half of Canada, Victoria and Vancouver have even colder winters while southern Ontario is slightly warmer and Winnipeg is even warmer than this.

What are Winters like in Moncton?

Winter in Moncton – Colder than Toronto!

On Dec. 28, 2006 the coldest temperature ever registered in the Capital of New Brunswick was 23.2C with an altitude of 392 metres.

With this in mind it should be no surprise that Moncton is colder than Toronto at 10 degrees Celsius but also it should be taken into consideration that Montreal has colder weather all year round at 0 degrees Celsius with an altitude of 54 metres.

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