Is Moncton French Speaking?

Surprisingly, Moncton is the only officially bilingual city in Canada. The city itself is highly committed to advancing the bilingual experience for its residents and guests.

In Moncton you’ll find a policy on both of the official languages, French and English. This means that public services in Moncton are provided in both languages.

There’s even a Moncton Committee that supports both the French and English speaking communities to improve bilingualism. They hope to make things easier for everybody living in the city, both anglophone and francophone presidents.

It’s important to note that, according to Wikipedia, about two-thirds of Moncton are native English speakers. This means that only the remaining one-third of residents are speaking French as their first language.

What makes the city so unique is that most residents are able to speak in both French and English rather fluently. Thankfully, even if you’re not fluent in French, you’ll be able to get by just fine if you’re planning to live or are already living in Moncton.

Do You Need to Speak French Living in Moncton?

No matter where you live in the city, not being able to speak French won’t be an issue. Even in Dieppe, which is the French neighbourhood in Moncton , you’ll be able to get by perfectly with just English. 

Looking at jobs in Moncton online you may have noticed that many of them require bilingualism or suggest that it’s an asset. This is actually taken way too seriously by job-seekers and isn’t usually a strict requirement.

Jobs that have bilingualism class as a strict requirement are mostly government jobs. Otherwise, even with it stated in the job posting, it doesn’t hurt to apply if you only speak English.

It’s possible to find government jobs that don’t require French as well. It all comes down to the particular position, with English being okay for most of them.

What Language is Spoken in Moncton, New Brunswick?

When you’re in Moncton you’ll find that most people speak English. The majority of people, around 50% of residents, are English only speakers.

Next, around 46% of the residents can speak both English and French. However, many of these people will have a first language and be able to Converse in the other at a conversational level.

Just around 3% of the population speaks French only. This means that if you are more comfortable speaking English that you’ll be fine when you’re in Moncton.

There are small communities of immigrants that speak their own language. Most of these people will also speak either French or English if you’re not a member of that community. 

Is Dieppe Mostly French?

Dieppe, New Brunswick is the main French community in Moncton. Even living here you’ll be fine with English, although many of your neighbours might be French or French speaking.

This also happens to be one of the better neighborhoods in Moncton if you’re planning on moving here. There is plenty of urban development along with several parks and green spaces right in the heart of the city.

In Dieppe alone there are a number of french-language schools along with a French College. If you’re coming from Quebec or if you’re a first language French speaker, this is a great place to move and raise your family.

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