Is Moncton Safe?

Since the recent shooting in Moncton, New Brunswick there has been lots of attention on whether it is safe to live in Moncton. Here are some points that can be used to decide for yourself whether or not it would be a good idea.

-The chances of another shooting happening in Moncton are very low
-A lot more people move into cities than people who want to leave
-Cities provide a better quality of life and have more opportunity then rural areas do.
-The population increase gives you an increased responsibility as well as the greater ability to change things, which can lead to a sense of safety among others.
-Cities have services available to residents from day one, which can make the city seem more stable and therefore safer in harsher times of trouble.
-Some cities provide urban planners and other professionals who can offer help to residents for problems that may arise. This can assist with the sense of safety among others as well as being able to take care of any issues before they happen.
-The existence of a large city such as Moncton provides a greater chance that there are people who would be willing to work with you to fix any problems with your situation. If you move out into the country then there is no one there who is going to help you if you need it or know how to do it.

Does Moncton have a high crime rate?

You should attempt to avoid low income areas with high crime rates. The city of Moncton was ranked #97 out of 210 in Canada on the 2011 National Crime Severity Index. Its population is 45,868, and this ranking makes up 14% of the region’s population. The population and crime figures listed here are based on federal census data, which are drawn from aggregated municipal reports across Canada. These statistics are for year ending March 31, 2012.

Moncton does not have a high crime rate. While there is an increase in incidents within the city itself, there are no areas that are known to be dangerous by standard measures like homicide per capita or rape per capita within the city limits.

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