Is New Brunswick Better Than Nova Scotia?

The Maritime provinces are in the same region on Eastern Canada. They are different, but there isn’t much of a rivalry between them.

Nova Scotia, for example, is one of the oldest settlements in Canada and it had a large British population.

New Brunswick has more Acadian heritage than Nova Scotia does and it was settled by the French around 100 years later than Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is smaller, less populated and more conservative than New Brunswick. The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax with about 350k people living there and its demographics are about 1/3rd visible minority. New Brunswick has about 750k people living there and is 1/2 minorities.

Is New Brunswick Better than Nova Scotia?

New Brunswick has a higher socioeconomic status than Nova Scotia does. New Brunswick is a more rural province with more farmland and it has stronger ties to the US because of its border.

Because of this, New Brunswick has historically been more popular with politicians in the US than Nova Scotia does (although Nova Scotia’s current Premier Pauline Marleau kind of changed that).

New Brunswick’s major cities and towns include: Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton, Bathurst and Miramichi. They have much larger populations than their counterparts do in any other province but population numbers are also similar because they are all around 100k or less.

New Brunswick is more conservative but it does has a relatively high crime rate. It has much less of a visible minority population than Nova Scotia does and less economically diversified. New Brunswick is also more rural, although it isn’t as out of the way as Nova Scotia is.

Why New Brunswick?

New Brunswick gets the edge on Nova Scotia because it’s better to live in New Brunswick.

With the history that New Brunswick has, I think it will be one of the last provinces to go Conservative, although I think Pauline Marleau will make a good premier for New Brunswick whether she wants to or not.

New Brunswick is also a better place to live because of its crime rate, diversity, low economy and small population.

However, New Brunswick does not have as high an average socioeconomic status as Nova Scotia does. This means that the people there are slightly better off than their counterparts but are slightly poorer than the rest of Canada on average. The more money people have, the higher their quality of life will be.

New Brunswick also has a less diversified economy than Nova Scotia does because it has more rural land, is less industrialized and therefore has fewer jobs–therefore there is a lot of poverty. New Brunswickers mostly make their money in the summer anthey mostly work in resource industries despite the fact that they aren’t very diverse.

Also, New Brunswick’s population is relatively small. Because its population is so small, it makes it harder to spread government services around to everyone. Because of this, New Brunswick’s crime rate tends to be higher than Nova Scotia’s and its quality of life tends to be lower as a result.

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