Is New Brunwsick Boring?

No, New Brunswick is not boring at all. With plenty of nightlife, arts, culture and outdoors.

This article will go through all the different things that New Brunswick has to offer. There are so many activities that you can do in this province and it is not boring at all.

First of all, I’ll start with the food. New Brunswick is home to delicious seafood. There are also many different kinds of restaurants in the provincial capital, which is Quispamsis (also known as Saint John).

There are many that serve traditional food that are very good and reasonable priced. You can also go to a fine dining restaurant where you can have a great experience and enjoy some amazing food as well.

I live in New Brunswick and I’ve been living here for the past three years and it’s fantastic. I have a high-paying job, am about to purchase a house, am well-educated, have plenty of friends and family. It’s all great. And yet last week when I started looking for a new place to live as I’m just too far from work now with my new promotion – not one of the places listed or on any site was within New Brunswick.

I took it as an insult that after seeking out some really beautiful places, they were all outside my province. I’m from New Brunswick. I grew up in this province. I never, ever traveled to another province until I moved back to New Brunswick, where my family still lives and where my two brothers live.

I can’t understand how all the suburbs are in some other province and the only place that’s Borington is right next door to them all. There are 25 different suburbs across the city of Saint John alone, many of which are beautiful and have been built as we speak.

So I have to ask the question, is New Brunswick boring?

I’m not asking if it’s boring. It really is. Most of it, at least.

Most of the time, you have to drive to an exciting place (most likely Montreal) in order to find anything remotely interesting or fun.

There are some local things that are good – restaurants and such – but they’re few and far between.

And yet I’m still here and for no other reason than loyalty to my roots and my family. I live here because I want to experience something new and different, like my parents did when they first moved to New Brunswick.

My parents brought the family here for a change of scenery and the opportunity to start fresh. They’ve spent most of their lives in rural areas of Ontario and Quebec, where there aren’t many opportunities or options for a young man with limited education, but also limited work opportunities due to his race – that is until they moved here.

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