Is Uber in Moncton?

Yes! As of March 2022, Uber is currently active and available in Moncton. If you’re planning on using Uber in Moncton you can check out the website here to sign up and to get a better idea of their range.

Uber availability stretches from Petitcodiac through Moncton on to Shediac in the North and Sackville in the South. This is a wide range of Moncton Uber availability, making it easy to get anywhere within the city and surrounding area.

In November 2020, the city of Moncton gave the green light to ride sharing services and since then Uber as well as some competitors have started to offer their services in the Moncton Market.

With so many complaints about the Moncton taxi services, it’s not surprising that Uber was welcomed with open arms. Many local taxis are overpriced, the drivers are not skilled in driving or navigation, and there are a lot of taxi scams going on.

While Uber is not always better oh, it’s great to have options and it’s a welcomed alternative in Moncton. Uber Eats is also available in Moncton, giving even more options to residents for food delivery and Moncton employment.



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