Can You Buy Lobster at the Moncton Airport?

You may not be able to buy lobster at Moncton Airport, but there is lots of other good stuff to choose from.

No one can resist the seafood-filled flavours at MCL Seafood in the mall. Their chowder is a definite must-try, but so are their steamed lobsters, boiled lobsters and shrimp cocktails.

They also offer fresh lobster at all of their locations. The best place to find it is in Moncton, between the two wings of the airport if you are coming from the highway and heading towards city centre.

It’s called “Duchesne”. Right along a little side-street to the left of the Airport Hotel (across from the airport entrance, just before you get to the parking lot). It has a sign on the wall stating “lobsters” and it’s open 24 hours a day unlike some other shops that only open certain days. I’ve been there twice and they were always quite busy with both locals and travellers stuffing themselves with delicious seafood.

But if you do find a spot that sells it, look for the tail with the spots on it. The tail meat with lots of black spots is a male. It’s fatter and makes for better eating than the female tails that are white and have less flavour.

Oh and check out the price! I’ve seen them from $5 to $15 each at different places in the city; Moncton’s airport being one of the most expensive (but worth it I assure you).

Tips for Buying Lobster

When buying lobster, you want to look for lobsters that are moving as it’s a sign of freshness.

If you manage to spot one that’s on special at the pound, you can get two for $10.00 at the seafood stall on Shediac Road in Dieppe. The only thing you have to do is make sure the lobsters aren’t too big or too small. I’ve seen some too big because they were male and had been left in for a long time and some too small because they were female (and thus not as meaty).

Otherwise, just pick out the biggest lobster/s available if none of them are on sale.

If you’re a first-time buyer of live lobster and want to do it right, read on.

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Lobster: they come in a box or a styrofoam container with seaweed usually tossed around their claws. Obviously you pop them in the pot with some butter, salt and pepper as they are to cook for dinner.

However, there’s a lot more to be done than that. You need to know how to find and buy your lobster.

Read on for tips for buying lobster.

Types of Lobster

There are three main types of lobsters: clawed, spiny and knuckle. Clawed are the most common and have large claws. Spiny have short pinchers and knuckle have large claws with a slightly rounded body. The names come from the manner in which they get food. The sticks will use the hard pinchers to dig for food under rocks, while the lobster will flip over stones with its large claws to find tasty treats. Don’t be concerned about which type you get; they’re all good eating.

Don’t buy from someone who catches only clawed or spiny lobsters, found in the far north of the United States, or from someone who catches only knuckle lobsters, found on the coast of Maine.

Buy Lobster Who Knows How to Cook Them

The best place to find lobsters is in a market that sells live lobster and has a professional cook working there. These markets are rare and you’re unlikely to find one where you live. If you can’t find a ‘lobster market’, look for a fish market or seafood store. The major reason they don’t offer live lobster is that most fish markets don’t have tanks large enough to hold them safely. If tanks are too small the lobsters might become stressed and potentially kill each other by fighting.

Don’t Buy Shriveled Lobster

Lobsters that have been sitting around for a while, whether at a fish market or in your refrigerator, will become dehydrated and shriveled. When you cook them they will swell up and look much larger than they were originally; but they won’t be as tasty. These lobsters can also taste ‘fishy’ in flavor due to the fact they are too moist. You know the lobster is okay if it looks bright red on the inside when you cut into it.

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