When is Lobster Season in New Brunswick?

When in season, lobster should be plentiful.

Here’s what to expect when lobster season begins in New Brunswick for 2022.

  • Lobster season in New Brunswick will run from March 31 to July 9.

Lobster seasons are a time of the year when those hardworking crustaceans are brought to market and sold at a discounted price to coincide with the high consumption of lobsters over the summer months.

At times, it can become difficult for restaurants who have their own storage facilities full of shrimp and crabs to keep up with demand as well; however, these markets are generally short-lived as shrimp season starts early next year while crab and lobster harvests wrap up together.

To help offset this, the provincial and federal governments have set up a comprehensive list of lobster season dates to coincide with the majority of the harvesting regions.

When Does the New Brunswick Lobster Season Start?

The Atlantic lobster season kicks off March 31 and runs through July 9.

However, as new technologies have allowed for greater yields in terms of both quality and quantity, so too has the lobster fishing industry been expanded to meet these demands.

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