Magnetic Hill near Moncton, New Brunswick

Magnetic Hill is a popular tourist attraction located in Moncton.

It’s actually one of the best things to do in Moncton if you’re planning a visit and looking for things to do.

It is known for its strange phenomenon where cars and other vehicles appear to roll uphill against the force of gravity when parked on a specific spot on the road. Visitors can experience this optical illusion by putting their car in neutral and coasting up the hill.

Despite its name, the hill is not actually magnetic and the reason for the illusion is not fully understood.

Magnetic Hill remains a popular and unique attraction for visitors to experience.

How Does Magnetic Hill Work?

There are a few different theories about how Magnetic Hill works, but the exact cause of the optical illusion is not fully understood. One theory is that the hill is located on a slope that is too gradual for the human eye to perceive, so it appears as if the car is going uphill when it is actually going downhill.

Another theory is that the surrounding landscape, which includes a lake and trees, creates a visual illusion that makes it seem like the car is going uphill.

Regardless of the cause, the experience of driving up Magnetic Hill is an optical illusion that can be quite disorienting.

When a car is placed in neutral and allowed to coast up the hill, it appears to roll uphill against the force of gravity. This interesting place is a popular and unique attraction that draws visitors from all over the world.

Do You Have to Pay for Magnetic Hill in Moncton?

It appears that there is no fee to visit Magnetic Hill in Moncton, Canada. The attraction is located on a public road, so visitors can drive up the hill and experience the optical illusion for free.

There may be some parking fees or other charges associated with visiting the area, but the experience of driving up the hill itself is free. It is a popular tourist attraction, and many visitors enjoy stopping by to experience the strange phenomenon for themselves.

Is Magnetic Hill Worth Visiting?

Yes! Magnetic Hill is definitely worth visiting.

Some people may find the experience of driving up the hill and experiencing the optical illusion to be a unique and interesting attraction, while others may not be as interested. If you are interested in optical illusions or are simply looking for something unusual to do while you are in the Moncton area, then you may find Magnetic Hill to be a worthwhile attraction to visit.

It is a popular tourist destination and regularly recommended as one of most fun things to do in the area, so it is definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity.

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