Finding a Job in Moncton, New Brunswick

As the largest and fastest growing city in New Brunswick, finding a job in Moncton isn’t as difficult as other places in the province. A lot of businesses and industries are hiring so if you’re planning on moving to Moncton, employment should be relatively easy to secure.

With its lower cost of living and easy access to beautiful natural areas, Moncton is a popular relocation destination for people living in Ontario and British Columbia. While you won’t find the same tech or finance scenes here in Moncton, there are plenty of job opportunities in almost every industry.

Finding a job in Moncton is a little more laid back and less stressful than in most other provinces. In this helpful guide you’ll find a useful job search strategy, the biggest industries in Moncton, information about Moncton recruiters, Moncton job boards you should be using, and some helpful questions and answers about getting a job in Moncton.

How to Find a Job in Moncton (Job Search Strategy)

Apply to the biggest companies in Moncton

Most of the biggest companies across every industry in Moncton and this region of New Brunswick are regularly hiring. We recommend taking a look at our list of companies in Moncton page.

Browse through the links on this page to check out each company website. From the website you’ll be able to see if they’re hiring – look for a ‘careers’ or ‘jobs’ page and follow the process.

Some of the Moncton companies don’t use job boards, such as Indeed or LinkedIn. Instead, you’ll have to apply directly to the open positions listed on their websites.

Use a recruiter in Moncton

Although Moncton recruiters aren’t as active or readily available as you would find in Toronto or Vancouver, there are still some options if you’re in an industry where this is a viable path towards employment.

Those of you coming with finance or tech backgrounds should have no issues working with a recruiter to find a job.

There are a number of recruiting and staffing agencies that you should start contacting and working with to find a new position.

Use the most popular Moncton job boards

Just like in the rest of Canada, job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Workopolis, and even Facebook can be used to find a job or current employment.

You’ll find they won’t be updated as often as in Ontario or British Columbia, although there are still plenty of jobs to choose from across all Industries.

If you’re planning on moving to Moncton from somewhere else, start by checking these job boards regularly before you move. You can even start applying to jobs and find a remote position before settling down in the city.

Take advantage of any friends, family, or referrals

Ask any of your friends, family members, or even any referrals if they’re able to recommend you to a company in Moncton.

This is one of the easiest ways to find employment in the city, especially if you’re not working remotely and you’re looking for a new position.

Search social media

Depending on the industry, you’ll be able to find jobs and job postings while browsing social media. Use relevant hashtags such as #monctonjobs and reply to any companies that are posting looking to fill positions.

The biggest industries in Moncton, New Brunswick?

Banking & financial services, ICT (information and communications technology), Business process outsourcing, insurance, retail, trucking and transportation.

There are jobs for both locals and newcomers in all of these industries in Moncton. It’s considered to be the population growth engine for the entire province, with these various sectors driving growth and innovation.

Recruiters in Moncton

These various recruiting agencies have an office you can visit in Moncton, NB. This should help you find employment within the city and across the province.

The problem with Moncton staffing agencies and recruiters

The biggest issue here is that the websites for these various recruiters and staffing agencies aren’t easy to use.

However, they still remain one of the best ways to get a job for one of the larger corporations and even government positions.

It doesn’t hurt to check the provincial and city websites for government jobs as well.

We also recommend calling, emailing, or contacting companies and recruiters on LinkedIn.

Job boards in Moncton

In Moncton you’ll find most job openings available on job boards. Applying for jobs through these job boards is probably one of the easiest ways to find a job in Moncton.

It’s worth noting that many of these companies will post their job openings on their own website. You’ll either have to apply directly on the website or you’ll be able to apply through a job board.

What’s applying for a job like in Moncton?

In Moncton it’s up to you to find open positions and job openings. You don’t need to contact the company, apply with your résumé or on a job board, and follow up.

It’s normal that you may not hear back from the position you applied for for up to one month. This depends on the company and hiring process.

Those of you using a recruiter to find employment, your salary may be slightly less than what you’re expecting. This is because the recruiter charges a fee for providing you as an employee to the company.

Don’t get nervous if you never hear back from the company. Most companies will not follow up or reply if you’re not considered for the position or if they have hired somebody else.

Here are the typical steps for the interview and job process in Moncton:

Step 1: Phone interview

Most companies will start the application process with a phone interview.

Somebody from HR or a recruiter will contact you and you will be expected to participate in a 15 to 30 minute interview over the phone.

Step 2: In-person interview

If you pass the phone interview stage, it’s likely you will be invited into an in person interview.

Depending on the company there will be between one and three interviews before you receive an offer.

Step 3: Offer of employment

Depending on the company, you will get an email or a phone call with a job offer.

Make sure to review this for at least 12 to 24 hours before applying. At this point you want to negotiate various aspects of the position.

This would include things like salary, paid vacation days, childcare resources, commuter stipend, start date, etc.

Step 4: Accepting the position

When a new job offer is agreed-upon, usually after negotiating, the offer will be signed online or by email.

It’s possible to start a new job on any day of the month in Canada.

This will need to be discussed with your employer so that a start date can be determined.

Helpful information

For private companies, you can expect the application process to take up to two months. Generally, it’s one to two months for the application process for a private company when you’re starting a job in Moncton.

For government jobs it’s going to take even longer. If you’re applying for a government job in Moncton you can expect the process to take between three and six months.

Your questions about employment in Moncton, answered

Is it harder to get a job in Moncton before I move there?

With a significant number of companies offering work from home jobs in Moncton, it’s no longer difficult to find a Moncton remote job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already living in Moncton or planning on moving there, there are a number of opportunities for remote employment within the city and across the province.

Can you call it a résumé or a CV in Moncton?

In Moncton, in New Brunswick, and across Canada we call it a résumé.

Some job boards, such as for the government or a university, may refer to it as a CV but it’s generally known as a résumé.

What is a job that mentions co-op?

Co-op jobs in Moncton are typically for university or college students.

These are also known as internships and are typically only available for students.

If you’re looking for a student job in Moncton, it might be worth applying to an internship if it’s related to your program.