How to get a moose license in New Brunswick

Moose tags are available to non-residents of New Brunswick. Non-residents can apply online, over the phone, or by mail by submitting the following items:

1. Completed application form
2. Declaration of eligibility
3. 2 passport photos (1″ x 1″)
4. Copy of driver’s license
5. Hunting license from home jurisdiction if applicable
6. $30 processing fee per tag ($20 for youth) payable in credit card or cheque with Visa or MasterCard logo as noted on our website

Moose Season dates and meat tag values:

1. Youth – Youth up to 16 years of age can tag a moose during the months of September through November. Meat tags cost $20 and are valid for 12 months. (Please note: Meat tags are not valid without hunter safety training or completion of a hunter safety course.)

2. Adult – Adult hunters can tag a moose during the months of September through November at any time and pay an adult price of $50 for each moose tagged. Meat tags are valid for 24 months.

3. Outside Dates – Moose can be tagged from October 1st, to December 31st by residents or non-residents who are members of a qualified First Nations Band.

4. Resident Tag – Resident hunters can obtain a moose tag and pay the $50 fee during September through November by completing the online application through our website ( or our toll free number 1-855-878-6282 (within New Brunswick). Please note: Non-resident hunters can purchase a $30 meat tag.

5. Non-Resident Tag – Non-resident hunters can obtain a moose tag by completing the online application through our website ( or our toll free number 1-855-878-6282 (within New Brunswick). Please note that non-residents must purchase a $30 meat tag, and must make arrangements with a licensed outfitter to shoot their moose during the hunting season before they arrive in New Brunswick.

6. Hunter Safety Course – Anyone wishing to obtain a moose tag must complete a Hunter Safety Course prior to hunting in New Brunswick. The course is 30 hours and costs $150.00 ($100.00 for youth).

7. Hunting License – All hunters must be licensed before entering the province and wear their license tags on their clothing when hunting in New Brunswick. Individuals under 16 years of age are required to have an adult hunter with them at all times while hunting in New Brunswick.

8. A hard copy of the online application form – Once online, hunters can request a hard copy of their application by emailing:

9. Proof of hunting license – All hunters must have proof of hunting license upon arrival in New Brunswick, such as a photocopy or scanned image of your hunting license.

10. Valid driver’s licence – Hunters cannot hunt in New Brunswick if they do not possess a valid driver’s licence (from their home province). All hunting licenses must be produced for inspection at any time at official roadblocks and during random vehicle inspections by wildlife wardens.

11. A current wildlife inspection certificate – All imported meat and meat products (including hides) must be inspected by the Division of Natural Resources New Brunswick prior to import into New Brunswick. All moose, deer, elk and caribou must be accompanied by a valid, original Wildlife Inspection Certificate signed by an officer.

12. A valid CITES certificate – A CITES is required for all bear and other hunted animals species that are protected under this treaty.

13. A valid export permit for hunting trophies – non-residents may not export their Moose trophies from New Brunswick without an Export Permit issued by the Department of Environment and Local Government (

14. A current CWD certificate – A Certificate of Health must be produced for each Moose (or other cervids) killed in New Brunswick during the hunting season. These certificates are issued by provincial veterinarian offices and the date of which must be put on the hard copy of the online application form prior to submitting the package.

All hunters must submit proof that a moose has been registered, or tag fees will not be reimbursed if it is determined that a hunter did not kill a moose or failed to register it before leaving New Brunswick (see Non-resident hunting permit regulations regarding registering a moose).

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