Can You Own a Monkey in New Brunswick

You can officially own a monkey in New Brunswick.

Yep, if you’re willing to go through all the red tape of getting a permit for your pet monkey, you can legally own one in New Brunswick. However, according to CBC, it’s not as easy as just signing up to be the proud owner of a pet monkey. First you have to get a permit from the Department of Natural Resources, then take care of your little woolly helper with your own money. Feeding your newly acquired chimp is a big job so be prepared with extra income. According to the Province of New Brunswick, owning a monkey is a privilege, not a right.

5 Helpful Monkey Care Tips

If you do plan on adopting a monkey in NB, here are a few tips for giving your new furball the best care possible.

#1: Monkeys need to be kept cool in hot weather. They don’t sweat to regulate their temperature like humans, so they can overheat easily. If you live below 50 degrees fahrenheit, your pet monkey should be indoors even during cold weather. He won’t want to come out if it’s too cold either, so take it easy on the winter outings and expect some sulky behavior.

#2: Feeding is hard work (for both of you). If you’re thinking about getting a monkey, make sure you make enough to ensure he can get all the nutrition he needs. Monkeys don’t get the same diet as cats and dogs. The best food for a monkey is a monkey specific diet, but dry hay is fine if you can’t spring for monkey chow. A good way to ensure your pet is getting regular meals or supplementary feeding (like a hamster or guinea pig) is monthly blood tests.

#3: Monkeys love to play with toys and may seem bored without them. Keep a variety of toys to keep him interested. Feisty monkeys can be vocal, so make sure your kid isn’t too loud.

#4: Monkeys like to sleep in small groups and will fight over sleeping spots. Your pet may not get along with your other animals or cause stress for them as well, so monitor his interaction with the others in your home if you have any pets that aren’t comfortable around monkeys.

#5: Monkeys are messy little critters… They’re good at picking up after themselves but they still manage to knock things off counters and tables, run around the house in their own waste, eat all your plants and chew on anything that looks interesting.

If you’re thinking about getting a monkey, New Brunswick is a good place to do so. You just need the right permits and precautions in place.

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