Where to See Puffins in New Brunswick

Puffins are small seabirds with black, white and orange markings. They’re very sociable, often forming large bustling colonies in rocky cliffsides or chalky beaches. If you’re visiting New Brunswick this year, be sure to look out for these lively birds.”

Where can you see puffins in New Brunswick?

The puffin is a very sociable bird. It rarely stays in one location for more than a day, but it can be found from the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean to the coast of California.

They nest in burrows, often at high cliffs, and lay four eggs on top of their nest. Puffins can be seen in colonies on rocky points, at rocky shorelines or large rocks surrounding beaches. They don’t go near humans though as they’re very shy and dislike predators.”

The first puffin arrived in Nova Scotia in 1801. The colony was established by the settlers Thomas and Mary Ann Appleyard.

There are two species of puffin, breeding on the Atlantic coasts of Canada, Greenland and Iceland. Male puffins have a distinctive black marking on the head in an S-shape like a horn from which they get their nickname, “horned puffins”. They are rarely seen, preferring to spend their time foraging for food. A few may be seen along beaches or near man-made structures such as fishing piers but they do not nest close to people.

Baby puffins nest in burrows in rocky cliffs as this is where they were hatched after hatching eggs. The burrow is lined with grass, moss and seaweed. Puffins are very sensitive to cold so they must huddle together to keep warm at night.

Are Puffins Dangerous?

Puffins are not dangerous and may seem harmless creatures to approach. They do not bite or peck like other birds because they have no teeth.

They spend much of their time preening their feathers, which are short and thick, so they don’t shed feathers when preening, making them a very clean bird. Their feathers are an iridescent blue colour and serve as a waterproof covering for the puffin.

Puffins mate for life and only form new pair bonds to replace lost partners. The nest is built by both the male and female Puffin.

New Brunswick Puffin Tours

The best way to see puffins in New Brunswick is on a tour.

Sea Watch Tours is really the only option if you’re looking to see a puffin.

They run tours from Grand Manan, both puffin tours and whale watching tours.

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