What’s Open on Remembrance Day in Moncton?


Since Remembrance Day falls on a weekday many Canadians celebrate the day by taking off work or withdrawing from classes. The best thing to do is check the list of what’s open in your city. This allows you to get back to your normal life without worrying about whether or not there will be anything worth watching on TV. That said, most stores and businesses are open today and should remain busy throughout the day as people stay home for celebrations.

Moncton Remembrance Day Openings and Closures 2022

Remembrance Day falls on November 11th this year but most businesses are still open in Moncton, NB during this time of celebration. Many grocery stores and the malls within Moncton will be open in addition to all fast food restaurants, gas stations and pharmacies. All banks are closed but there are ATMs available. Remember that schools will be closed on this day, so it is a great day for taking a mental health break with family if you need.

Here is a list of when local businesses will be open and closed today:


*Most Fast Food Restaurants including Westrock Coffee Bar & Grill, Dic Ann’s BBQ, Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill and Jack Astors Bar & Grill.

*Most Grocery Stores include Empire Co., Atlantic Superstore and Walmart.

*Most Banks are Closed including the Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank.

*Malls include Big Bazar, Big Moncton Mall and Place Moncton.

*Fitness & Health Centre are open, however many will have reduced hours, including Planet Fitness at Place Moncton Mall from 10am – 7pm.

Why Does Canada Celebrate Remembrance Day?

Sunday is Remembrance Day for many Canadians in addition to the traditional holiday on November 11th. Canada observes this day to commemorate all military personnel who died in battle for their country during times of peace and war throughout history.

How Long Has Canada Remembrance Day Been Celebrated?

Remembrance Day was officially observed by Canada in 2008 after a push from Veterans Affairs Minister, Kent Hehr. The issue of Remembrance Day came to light when a public petition succeeded in getting the government to officially recognize it.

What War Are We Remembered For?

Most Canadians feel that they have too many war days to remember, so this is being used as an opportunity to commemorate specific battles and time periods in Canadian history. This is helping and people can really get into the heart of our military history as we remember which battles we have won and lost since Confederation.

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