How to Get a Replacement Birth Certificate in New Brunswick

We all know that it can be difficult to obtain official documents such as passports or birth certificates if they are lost, stolen, or destroyed.

However, there are many websites where you can obtain official documents at no cost that don’t require much effort on your part.

Fortunately, obtaining a birth certificate in New Brunswick is not difficult at all.

The following is an outline of the steps that you must take to obtain a birth certificate in New Brunswick.

There are a few easy-to-follow tutorials on how to obtain these documents online and it should not take longer than two to three minutes for you to complete the process.

You can also visit the official New Brunswick website here for more information.

Getting a Replacement Birth Certificate in New Brunswick


An individual must meet the following requirements in order to obtain a birth certificate online:

  • Your name and date of birth;
  • A valid email address;
  • The year that you were born; and,
  • The country that you were born in.

How to Obtain the Birth Certificate Online in New Brunswick

Instructions 1-5 on how to obtain a copy of a certificate of registration of birth or stillborn child or to register the birth or stillbirth of a child only apply when the event occurred in NB within one year from the date it occurred.

Step 1: Go to the Vital Statistics Society of New Brunswick’s website and click on “Order Services”.

Step 2: You will notice that four different documents are displayed, including the information relating to a birth certificate. Simply insert your name and date of birth into the empty fields and proceed.

Step 3: Click on “Continue”. You will be presented with four choices of documents that you can order. Select “Certificate of Registration of Birth” from the drop-down menu, then click “Continue”.

Step 4: At this point, you will be asked for your country of origin, as well as sex of the individual who was born or stillborn. Place the cursor on “I”, then insert your country in the “Birthplace” box. Select “United States of America” and click on the box next to it, then select either Male or Female depending on the sex of the individual who was born or stillborn. After you have selected this option (which is required), click on “Continue”.

Step 5: Proceed as directed by Vital Statistics NB, including completing a name and date of birth verification form. In order to comply with provincial regulations, you must also include your full legal name and date of birth in the registration form. After you’ve completed this step, click on “Continue”.

Step 6: Review the information that you have entered online. At this point, if you find any errors, click on “Back”, then enter the correct information. Once you have reviewed everything and are satisfied with your personal information and the accuracy of the data, click “Continue”.

Step 7: You will be asked to enter payment details into an online form. At this point, select either a one-time or monthly payment option. When you are satisfied with your payment details, click “Submit Payment”, then proceed as directed by Vital Statistics NB. If your payment is successful, you will receive a copy of your New Brunswick birth certificate via email within approximately 5 business days.

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