What are the Statutory Holidays in New Brunswick?

Below is a list of the statutory holidays in New Brunswick, Canada.

1. Christmas Day: December 25th
2. Family Day: May 10th
3. Good Friday: March 30th
4. Easter Monday: April 2nd
5. Victoria Day (known as Queen’s Birthday): May 24th
6. Canada Day (National Holiday): July 1st
7. Labour day: September 4th
8-9. Thanksgiving: 2nd Monday in October
10-11. Remembrance Day: November 11th

What is a statutory holiday?
We talked about this recently on Today’s Lawyer, when discussing the minimum wage (see Minimum Wage – Casual Workers). The CBC website states: “Statutory holidays are statutory holidays. They don’t need to be proclaimed by the lieutenant-governor. These are days when workers are entitled to sick leave, vacation and other benefits paid for by their employers.”
In certain parts of Canada, there is only one statutory holiday a year: February 29th, which is Good Friday (which is also the last day of the Labour Day celebrations). In New Brunswick, however, there are seventeen statutory holidays that employees can take advantage of. Some provinces (such as Alberta) do this as well but New Brunswick has more than most.

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