Is New Brunswick Tap Water Safe to Drink?

If you live in or are planning on moving to New Brunswick and are wondering if your tap water is safe to drink, the good news is that it most likely is.

As a province, New Brunswick has one of the highest ratings for drinking water quality in Canada.

Drinking water quality standards are set by Health Canada, and regulated by Environment Canada. You can drink the tap water at any time without any risk to your health. However, you may wish to learn more about the drinking water quality of your area to make informed decisions and reduce unnecessary health risks.

The New Brunswick government has issued a statement saying there’s no need for people not to drink the tap water. A resident found the letter in their mailbox Thursday morning in Saint-Sylvère-Rodriguez. The letter, printed by the regional health authority in Moncton and sent by mail, was signed off by Dr. Stefan Leclerc.

RCMP say they’ve investigated the situation but found nothing suspicious.

Environment Canada has also made a statement saying that there is no risk to public health. It may have been an honest mistake by someone at the local health authority, or perhaps it was a letter meant for delivery in another region. The department says that all drinking water in New Brunswick comes from surface water sources, and is subjected to strict quality control measures at the treatment plant.

You can also drink Moncton tap water safely. Some of you might want to shock a well in New Brunswick if you’re looking to improve water quality.

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