Is Thanksgiving a Stat Holiday in New Brunswick?

Thanksgiving is a stat holiday in New Brunswick, according to the provincial government. Holidays often vary from province to province, so you may be wondering if there are any other holidays that are stat holidays in New Brunswick. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on moving to New Brunswick!

If you have a job, government offices and some private businesses are closed on Thanksgiving. Many stores will be open on the holiday, but those that are closed may have longer hours the day before or after Thanksgiving because of the long weekend.

What’s Open on thanksgiving in New Brunswick?

Only a few private businesses, such as supermarkets and fast food chains, are open on Thanksgiving weekend. Many private businesses will be closed or open for shorter hours than usual on Thanksgiving.

Many government offices and most health care facilities will be closed on Thanksgiving. A few offices in the police, fire and municipal departments may be open for a few hours to accept official service requests.

What’s Closed on thanksgiving in New Brunswick?

Most government offices, as well as most provincial agencies, such as Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), are closed on Thanksgiving weekend. Most health care facilities, including hospitals and mental health clinics, are also closed on the holiday.

A few offices in the RCMP and provincial police departments are open for a few hours to accept official service requests.

Some private businesses that are open on Thanksgiving include:

Restaurants/Fast food chains (including grocery stores) Grocery stores Drug stores Department of Health (DH) Hospitals Medical clinics Retail stores Public sector agencies such as the provincial departments of Education, Human Resources and Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR).

Crown corporations that are closed include: NB Power NB Power is not open to the public.

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