Treehouse Camping in New Brunswick

If you’re looking to experience a unique and magical camping adventure, treehouse camping in New Brunswick is an excellent choice. Imagine sleeping among the branches, waking up to the sound of birdsong, and immersing yourself in nature’s embrace. This is definitely one of the more interesting things to do in New Brunswick. Let’s take a look at some extraordinary treehouse camping destinations in New Brunswick that offer an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

TreeGO Moncton

Located in Moncton, TreeGO offers an exceptional treehouse camping experience. Nestled in a serene forest setting, their treehouses provide a cozy and comfortable stay amidst nature’s tranquility. With various treetop platforms, zip lines, and suspended bridges, TreeGO also offers thrilling aerial adventure courses for the more adventurous campers. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Acadian forest while enjoying a unique treehouse camping experience.

Camp Medley Treehouse Village

Situated near the picturesque Saint John River, Camp Medley Treehouse Village in Upper Gagetown offers an enchanting retreat for treehouse camping enthusiasts. The village features well-crafted treehouses nestled in the forest, allowing campers to connect with nature in a peaceful and rustic environment. Enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, and exploring nearby trails. Camp Medley is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation, adventure, and a true escape from the ordinary.

Ridgeback Lodge Treehouse Camp

Tucked away in the heart of Kingston Peninsula, the Ridgeback Lodge Treehouse Camp offers a unique glamping experience. Their treehouses, equipped with modern amenities and breathtaking views, provide a perfect blend of comfort and nature. Surrounded by lush forests and tranquil lakes, guests can indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and stargazing. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a family adventure, Ridgeback Lodge offers a memorable treehouse camping experience.

Treehouse Haven

Nestled in the charming town of Rexton, Treehouse Haven provides a serene and secluded retreat for treehouse camping enthusiasts. Set amidst a private woodland, their cozy treehouses offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Enjoy the serenity of nature, explore nearby trails, or simply unwind on your private deck surrounded by the canopy of trees. Treehouse Haven is an idyllic destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in a magical setting.

Treehouse Retreat

Situated in rural Dumfries, the Treehouse Retreat offers a secluded and peaceful treehouse camping experience. Surrounded by a lush forest, their well-appointed treehouses provide a perfect blend of luxury and nature. Unwind in a private hot tub, enjoy panoramic views from your deck, or explore nearby hiking trails. Treehouse Retreat is an ideal destination for couples, families, or anyone looking to reconnect with nature in a serene and intimate setting.

Making the Most of Treehouse Camping in New Brunswick

Treehouse camping in New Brunswick offers a unique and enchanting way to experience nature and create lasting memories. Whether you choose to soar through the treetops at TreeGO, relax in the rustic charm of Camp Medley, enjoy modern comforts at Ridgeback Lodge, seek serenity at Treehouse Haven, or indulge in luxury at Treehouse Retreat, each destination promises an extraordinary treehouse camping adventure. Embrace the magic, immerse yourself in nature, and create unforgettable moments in the treetops of New Brunswick.

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