What are Winters Like in New Brunswick?

In New Brunswick, Canada.

In the winter, it gets cold and wet from snowstorms.
The longest recorded snowfall in this area was 48 hours in late December 1917.
New Brunswick has the most extreme snowfall rates of any province in Canada, with 478 cm each year.
The average temperature drops to -2C during the winter months with an extreme record low of -26C set on January 31st 1934 which is a Canadian record for lowest average temperature at that point in time.”This article will provide details about what it’s like living through a New Brunswick winter.

New Brunswick Winter Facts
The winters in New Brunswick are cold and wet. In the winter, temperatures usually drop below -30 degrees Celsius. This is the normal average temperature for New Brunswick winters. There are times when temperatures fall as low as -35 degrees Celsius in New Brunswick but these occurrences are extremely rare and can be life threatening. Extreme winter conditions can last for more than a week and may be accompanied by severe snow storms, ice buildup on trees and power lines, heavy fog, extreme cold and low visibility making driving dangerous. As well, heavy snowfalls can cause roofs to cave-in under the weight of the snow load.

New Brunswick has the most extreme snowfall rates of any province in Canada. The winter season in New Brunswick typically begins in early December and lasts until early or mid-April.
New Brunswick is the only Canadian province to have a record low temperature of -30 Celsius.
Weather observations in Canada began on February 4, 1871, with a weather station at Fredericton, New Brunswick. The highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded at Fredericton are both 33 degrees Celsius.
New Brunswick is also the only province to have recorded all of its lowest temperatures since Confederation, (1867). The lowest temperature was -42 degrees Celsius on January 12, 1947 in Napanee while the highest temperature was 38 degrees Celsius, recorded on August 10 and August 11, 2003 at Sussex on the Fundy coast.

The climate of New Brunswick is classified as Cfb. This means that the average temperature will be between . The average temperature for New Brunswick is about -4 °C. In winter, the average temperature drops to -2 °C. In summer, the average temperature increases to 14 °C. The lowest temperature in New Brunswick is -30 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature ever recorded was 38 degrees Celsius on August 10 and August 11, 2003 in Sussex on the Fundy coast.
New Brunswick has cold winters with lots of snow, heavy snowfalls and strong winds which makes it a very challenging place to live.

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