What is Minimum Wage in New Brunswick?

The minimum wage is the lowest amount of money an employer can legally pay its workers.

In New Brunswick, the minimum wage is $13.75 as of May 2022.

This is for workers who are covered under the New Brunswick Employment Standards Act (ESA).

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What You Should Know About Minimum Wage in New Brunswick

The ESA sets the rules for various employment standards in New Brunswick.

These include things like maximum hours, minimum wage and overtime, vacation entitlements, parental leave, and more!

It also details how to file a complaint about your workplace if you believe you have not been paid correctly or your rights have been violated by your employer.

The ESA is enforced by the Labour Standards Branch with help from other provincial government departments such as Employment Standards and Human Rights .

Wage discrimination is the practice of paying one employee less than another for equivalent work on the basis of personal characteristics (such as race or gender) or protected group membership.

The protections against wage discrimination in New Brunswick, enforced by the Human Rights Commission , are outlined in the Human Rights Act and apply to all employers and employees in New Brunswick who work for wages.

The minimum wage for workers who are not covered under the ESA may be lower than $13.75, depending on their job duties and location (for example: students working part-time, farm workers, hunting and fishing guides).

Contact your provincial government department responsible for labour standards if you have questions about minimum wage.

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