What is Miramichi Known For?

Miramichi is known for a number of interesting things that you wouldn’t be aware of if you weren’t from here.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what Miramichi is known for and hopefully share some interesting facts and unique features about this beautiful city in New Brunswick.

World Famous Salmon Fishing

Some of the best salmon fishing in the world can be enjoyed right here in Miramichi.

The Miramichi River is on one of the longest salmon paths with hundreds of thousands of these Majestic fish making their way back to where they were born.

This makes it an amazing place to go salmon fishing in New Brunswick and arguably one of the best places across Canada.

If you’re into salmon fishing, you’re definitely going to want to check out Miramichi at some point in your life.

It’s a Collection of Smaller Towns

Until 1995, Miramichi was more of a region rather than a specific place.

At this point the city of Miramichi was formed when a number of small towns and communities for Amalgamated. This would be the towns of Newcastle and Chatham along with the communities of Douglastown, Loggieville, and Nelson.

Today, these towns and communities make up the charm and Community feel of the Miramichi that we know today.

Rich First Nations History

Prior to European settlement, Miramichi was home to members of the mi’kmaq First Nations people.

This area was a natural meeting point for these people who lived off the Bountiful surrounding land and River.

The French Colony of Acadia

Soon after Europeans landed in Canada, a settlement was built here in Miramichi. This became the French colony of Acadia and made up of a long chain of trading posts and settlements stretching across New Brunswick.

Over the next two hundred years, the French colonies grew and today you can still see the French influence with the many French communities in New Brunswick.

It’s the Most Irish City in Canada

There are more Irish people living in Miramichi per capita than anywhere else in Canada.

This makes it the most Irish city in the country. Starting from the early 1800s, many Irish immigrants started relocating in Miramichi in an effort to live a similar life to one they had back in Ireland.

These immigrants mostly settled in the Chatham and Douglastown area and definitely had an impact on the development of the region.

Employment Opportunities in Miramichi

The largest employer in Miramichi is the service sector. The economy is primarily focused on forestry, fishing, mining as well as tourism and Manufacturing along with a number of provincial and federal jobs.

Many people are moving to Miramichi For the number of employment opportunities that are available here for a wide range of skills. 


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