The Best Things to Do in Bathurst, New Brunswick

If you’re planning a trip to Northeastern New Brunswick, you definitely want to stop in Bathurst.

This is the heart of the Chaleur Region and a great place to use as your base for exploring this region.

Despite just 13,000 people living in this beautiful Acadian coastal city, there’s a seemingly endless amount of things to do in Bathurst if you’re visiting as a tourist.

The highlight of the region is all of the natural beauty and there’s plenty to do here for a few days on your New Brunswick trip.

Pabineau Falls

pablineau falls

Checking out the Pabineau Falls is definitely one of the best things to do in Bathurst, New Brunswick.

They are located in the Pabineau First Nation territory on the Nepisiguit River and are a must-see on any New Brunswick Road Trip.

This waterfall is locally known for its impressive, awe-inspiring beauty. They are located right beside the road, so they’re easy to admire, and there’s also some great hiking in the area.

One interesting fact is that the granite underneath the false is roughly 397 million years old!

Pokeshaw Rock

pokeshaw rock

One of the highlights of the Chaleur Region is the Pokeshaw Rock, which has become quite a popular tourist site over the past few years.

This is an interesting geological feature and one of the more interesting things to see in Bathurst. There’s also a beautiful beach here where you can go swimming during the summer while enjoying the lovely natural scenery.

The rock and Beach is part of the Pokeshaw Provincial Park and there is currently an entry fee during the summer. This is a short drive from Bathurst and a great place to enjoy the beach or check out a beautiful sunset.

La Promenade Waterfront

La Promenade Waterfront

Despite being a small town, there are still a few unique things to do in Bathurst. The La Promenade Waterfront is one of those.

This is a quaint walking area right in the center of Bathurst with a boardwalk that’s lined with some cute shops, restaurants, and interesting stores that are worth checking out. There’s even a picturesque gazebo where you can shield from the Sun in the summer or relax by the wooden fire during the winter.

The La Promenade Waterfront is located right in the center of town with parking nearby, so it makes a great first stop before exploring the rest of Bathurst on foot.

Grab a Beer at a Brewery

There are quite a few breweries in Bathurst that are perfect for grabbing a cold beer or stopping for dinner after a long day of exploring the Chaleur region.

Some of the best Bathurst breweries include the Four Rivers Brewing Co and the 13 Barrels Brewing Company.

These are some great breweries to check out if you want to sample some local New Brunswick beer and grab some great food as well.

Tetagouche Falls

Tetagouche Falls

There’s a lot of natural beauty in New Brunswick and no shortage of it when it comes to things to do outside in Bathurst.

Tetagouche Falls is an interesting attraction. It’s a waterfall that’s located on the former site of a hydroelectric Dam close to Bathurst.

You’ll have to drive here if you want to check it out but there is a short 1 km round trip hike that takes you to the waterfall and back along an easy, scenic trail. If you’re looking for a quick City break then you’ll definitely want to check out the Tetagouche Falls in Bathurst.

Bathurst Marina

Bathurst Marina

The Bathurst Marina is located at the picturesque mouth of the Bay of Chaleur. It’s a wonderful place to come check out if you want to explore some boats and admire the incredible natural scenery that’s so prevalent in this area.

There are 100 boat slips at this Marina as well as a full-service Campground, for boaters and for those of you interested in camping.

It’s close to the city centre and it’s nice to walk around if you’re spending some time in Bathurst.

Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail

Sentier Nepisiguit Mi'gmaq Trail

The Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail is actually a 147 km long backpacking trail that follows the Nepisiguit River through New Brunswick.

However, when you’re in Bathurst it’s the trail you need to take to reach the picturesque Pablineau Falls.

It’s a short walk along the trail to reach the waterfall but you’re still able to enjoy a beautiful wooded area with a chance to see some Wildlife. You can also use Bathurst as a starting point to spend more time hiking along the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail if you’re looking for more of a backpacking Adventure.

Daly Point Nature Reserve

Daly Point Nature Reserve

Instead of the marina, you can visit the Daly Point Nature Reserve to explore the shoreline of the Bathurst Harbour.

This is a series of trails and boardwalks that are perfect for hiking and getting out into nature.

Along the trails are some interpretive panels that will teach you more about the history of the area. Parking and Trail access is free and it’s a fairly accessible network of trails as well for older Travelers or those with mobility issues.

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