when are property taxes due in new brunswick

If you own a home in New Brunswick, Canada, there’s one certainty that affects your life more than anything else: property taxes. If you’re wondering when you’ll have to start sending money to the local municipality on top of your mortgage payments or rent (or if you don’t pay these taxes at all), peruse this wiki guide put together by WikiHow to find out all about taxation in the province.

When are Property Taxes Due in New Brunswick?
You should be paying property taxes if your home is located within the boundaries of the city or town and it was built after December 12, 1971. Outside of that period, property owners aren’t required to pay these taxes unless they choose to do so.

Property Taxes Due Dates
Property taxes are due as soon as possible after the following dates/circumstances:
You’ve purchased a home in New Brunswick.
Financial institutions and mortgage companies pay property taxes on your behalf. If you’re buying a home, the company will notify you if they’re required to pay these taxes.
If you own land in New Brunswick, you’re liable for property taxes on it. As soon as possible after the purchase, you should let the appropriate municipality know about your purchase.
For more information, see the section below regarding how to pay property taxes in New Brunswick.

How to Pay Property Taxes in New Brunswick
In most areas of Canada including New Brunswick, property tax payments are made using an online system. The format of this system varies depending on the municipality and its relationship with third-party companies (like Intuit). It’s important that you don’t send money to a local government office or staff member; only use a third-party payment provider or payment kiosk authorized by your municipality.

Property taxes can be paid online, by phone or at a third-party payment kiosk.

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