When Does Deer Season Start in New Brunswick (2023)

You know when Lobster season starts in New Brunswick – but what about deer season?

There are many different aspects of the hunting season that differ across provinces and states. In New Brunswick, deer hunting starts on October 26th in 2022. This means that you will have to wait at least until the end of the month of October before the hunt can legally begin.

The exact date can change depending on how late in the year it is that you are reading this article. So if you are reading this article closer to November 16th then it may state that deer season starts sooner, which was what was stated here earlier. But as of right now, the earliest date for deer season starting is October 16th and latest date is December 31st.

This article was written in regards to New Brunswick. However, the dates may be different in some provinces.

For example, in the region of the Maritimes, New Brunswick is one of many provinces that starts deer season earlier than most. In Nova Scotia, they start on November 3rd while Newfoundland and Labrador starts on November 8th.

Every province and state has rules that must be followed in order to legally hunt as a deer hunter. One thing you will find is that many rules will specifically mention when deer season begins and ends. The majority of these dates are set at least a couple weeks before the actual hunting season starts. So, to start hunting deer, you must know when the season will begin.

In New Brunswick, there are many different rules that must be followed in order to hunt deer. These include the need to have a license of some sort. In New Brunswick, you can apply for a license for hunting small game like deer and other animals. One thing of note is that you need a license even if you are only going to be on private land.[2]

A person may apply for a small game license starting in late spring each year. In New Brunswick this is typically May 1st of each year.

Check the New Brunswick provincial website here for more information about deer season in New Brunswick.

Can you hunt deer on Sunday in New Brunswick?

This is actually illegal. It is not allowed to hunt deer on Sunday in New Brunswick.

But there is a way to do it.

The rules in New Brunswick as far as hunting deer on Sunday states that you may only hunt small game on Saturday and Sunday if you are a non-resident.

So, for example, someone living outside of New Brunswick could go to a different province or state to hunt deer on a Sunday. These laws still apply even if the person who is hunting does not live in the province or state where they are hunting.

In some provinces there are other restrictions that are put upon when you can hunt deer. For instance, in Ontario you can only go hunting during certain times of the year. The exact times that are allowed are during the deer hunting season. This is usually between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Hunting laws in each province and state may be different but they usually follow similar rules. In some areas, it may be illegal to hunt deer on public land, while it is allowed in others. Each person must know the laws of every state and province they want to go hunting in. Some rules may differ even if you are going across town as opposed to another country.

The rules for when deer season starts in New Brunswick are what is stated here. It can change at any time due to the changing seasons of the year.

5 Helpful Tips for Deer Hunting

Proper equipment is key to carrying out a successful hunt. Follow these 5 tips, and you’ll have the best time of all!

1. Learn the laws and how to read maps in your area

Your state or province uses a variety of different hunting rules for deer hunting, so you need to learn what’s allowed and what’s not before heading out. Knowing the laws will help you when it comes to buying the proper hunter orange or blaze orange clothing and knowing what other people are permitted or prohibited from doing while hunting.

2. Choose a good spot

A good spot is one that allows you to see both human and deer activity within range of your stand(s). While there are several different types of stands, each with its own strengths, one thing’s for sure: a deer stand has to be in a good spot. This might mean hanging it above some thick brush but out of the way of deer trails, or building it to blend into a clearing.

3. Have a fall back plan

Often called an escape route, a fallback location is a backup place to go if you’re caught in the middle of nowhere with no help and no protection from the elements. If you’re hunting alone and become injured, what will you do? Will you have enough strength (or ability) to drag yourself all the way out of the woods?

4. Choose the right hunting season

There are several different deer hunting seasons in New Brunswick. The annual hunting season varies by which day of the year it is, and roughly what time of year it is. You can usually find this information on your state or provincial’s website.

There are many different things that can influence when deer season begins and ends, including weather conditions, hunting pressure, and capacity of the adjacent state or province’s game populations. It can be very frustrating to hunt on opening day but then have to wait several more days before you hunt again.

In general we have a seven-day spread between the dates that each potential open day would fall in any given year (this is subject to change).

5. Plan and prepare

Many hunters who have traveled to N.B. to hunt are looking for the facts in order to make an informed decision on where they will be hunting deer in New Brunswick. A lot of enquirers that contact us want to know what is required there and how to go about getting through the process of obtaining a New Brunswick Hunting License, or even a non-resident hunting license, so that they can obtain their hunting gear (hunting gear can get expensive!).

Hunting season is a matter of public record, but not all aspects of it are provided online. If you’re planning on moving to New Brunswick, it’s a good idea to do your research beforehand to find the right dates for deer hunting in the province.


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